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Marshalls Lunar Shadow

Marshalls Lunar Shadow

Lunar stands out as an inventive and budget-friendly addition within our well-established concrete block paving range. Marshalls Lunar Shadow presents a carefully curated selection of four colors, available in both our popular project packs and individual block sizes. Crafted with our customers' preferences in mind, our unique blends, inspired by granite's aesthetics, come to life through a patented color application process. This results in a nuanced and refined multi-tonal aesthetic, harmonizing trendy greys, soft pinks, and earthy blue-green shades across our four complementary colors: Ice, Rosa, Silver Dust, and Shadow, all drawing inspiration from the elegance of the moon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Marshalls Lunar Shadow stands as an innovative and cost-effective addition to our concrete paving assortment.
  • Boasts a smooth finish with chamfered edges, offering a modern yet timeless appearance.
  • Ideal for enhancing the visual allure of your upcoming driveway project.
  • The patented color application technology creates a subtle blend, evoking a granite-inspired aesthetic.
  • Lunar showcases exceptional resilience against UV fading and weather-induced damage, ensuring enduring beauty.
  • Manufactured in the UK, meeting stringent high-quality standards.
  • Incorporates MaxiMix technology, containing 30% more pigment and waterproofing content compared to standard block paving products.

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