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Marshalls Keykerbs

Marshalls Keykerbs

For driveway applications, Marshalls Keykerbs delineate the boundary between driveways and pathways, ensuring enduring structural support and a unified design for enhanced safety. Keykerb proves versatile and indispensable, completing the appearance of your driveway or garden project while serving multiple purposes. In garden projects, it acts as a decorative border or edging solution, blending in with and enhancing the desired flow of the design. Furthermore, Keykerb offers creative possibilities as transitional steps, facilitating access to your front door, patio area, or other features.

Marshalls Keykerbs provide exceptional versatility, offering various Keykerb options (Small Keykerb - KS or Large Keykerb - KL), providing the utmost flexibility to align with your garden design aspirations.

Key Features:

Utilize Marshalls Keykerbs Charcoal to distinguish and visually separate distinct areas, effectively guiding visitors, whether on foot or in vehicles.

Safeguard your investment by preventing grass areas from encroaching onto driveways, preserving the structural integrity of adjacent driveway or garden paving.

Elevate the overall aesthetics of your project by complementing existing elements like furniture and ornaments or introducing captivating contrasts.

Effortlessly install to accommodate various shapes and orientations.

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Product specification

Large (KL) 25.2 linear m coverage | 252 units

Small (KS) 37.8 linear m coverage | 378 units

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