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Marshalls Granite Eclipse Paving Dark

Marshalls Granite Eclipse Paving Dark

Turn your outdoor patio into a durable, contemporary space for gatherings with Marshalls Granite Dark paving. Featuring a brushed surface and subtle flamed finish, it boasts vibrant colors and exceptional slip resistance, even in wet conditions. Blend light and dark shades for striking contrasts or unique patterns, adding finesse with complementary granite setts. If your garden has varying elevations, our granite steps ensure a seamless transition. Features:

  • Achieve a uniform appearance with Marshalls Granite Dark's finely surfaced texture.
  • The flamed finish maximizes slip resistance, especially in wet areas.
  • Its fine-grained granite texture minimizes discoloration, maintaining your patio's pristine look.
  • Every color is meticulously hand-selected for seamless integration in each project.
  • Count on ethically sourced Fairstone granite paving.
  • It's calibrated for easy installation and a consistent finish.
  • Unleash creativity with various sizes and colors available in Marshalls Granite Eclipse Dark for bespoke, contemporary designs.

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