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Marshalls Symphony Elements Corten Iron

Marshalls Symphony Elements Corten Iron

This porcelain collection mirrors an authentic industrial look by emulating the weathered appearance of corroded metals, making it an ideal addition to any residential landscape. The Marshalls Symphony Elements Corten Iron range incorporates a rugged textured design and a mix of rich colors, showcasing a wide array of tonal variations within each color option. Unleash your creativity by designing a striking patio area in your garden, blending patterns and colors from each pack. Alternatively, use these tiles to create captivating border details with vibrant splashes of color and intricate designs.

With the Elements Corten range, appreciate the beauty of an aged metal design while enjoying the low maintenance benefits of traditional porcelain. Customize your dream patio by choosing from four available colors and a generously sized 1000x500 plan size.

Key Features:

- Achieve an industrial aesthetic by integrating multiple color tones and designs across each slab.

- Marshalls Symphony Elements Corten Iron replicates the appearance of corroded metals, boasting a rugged-textured design for a lifelike finish.

- Maintain long-lasting color as porcelain paving does not fade in sunlight.

- Simplify cleaning and maintenance; these tiles absorb minimal water, resulting in minimal staining and reduced moss and algae growth.

- Rely on exceptional durability; all tiles are abrasion and frost-resistant.

- Experience slip resistance, even in wet conditions, thanks to an R11 slip skid rating for added safety.

  • 1 tub of Symphony Jointing Compound in Grey • 1 tub of Marshalls Paving Primer

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