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Marshalls Symphony Matte Vintage

Marshalls Symphony Matte Vintage

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Presented in a spacious contemporary size, these Marshalls Symphony Matte Vintage tiles enable the creation of sleek, well-defined lines in your outdoor area. Each tile comprises eighteen individual mosaics, separated by a subtle grey grout-like effect. Moreover, you're given the freedom to select from three solid colors and four complementary decorative designs, empowering the creation of a unique appearance. These tiles are perfect for crafting eye-catching step risers and intricate borders.

Furthermore, Symphony paving undergoes precise cutting during production, ensuring uniformity across all tiles. This precision guarantees impeccable, clean lines and a contemporary visual appeal.


- These tiles are exceptionally robust and less prone to staining, algae, and moss growth.

- Marshalls Symphony Matte Vintage tiles exhibit remarkable durability, with minimal water absorption that prevents liquids and frost from seeping through.

- They hold an R11 slip skid rating, making them ideal for outdoor usage, offering enhanced safety.

- Their clean lines facilitate achieving highly precise and consistent joints, simplifying installation and ensuring a visually pleasing outcome.

  • 1 tub of Symphony Jointing Compound in Grey • 1 tub of Marshalls Paving Primer

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