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Marshalls Symphony Planks Corrado

Marshalls Symphony Planks Corrado

Capture the chic look of trendy wooden decking while sidestepping the performance and maintenance issues linked with timber. Marshalls Symphony Planks Corrado offers a resilient and appealing solution for any garden. Crafted from top-tier porcelain, it demands minimal upkeep due to its low water absorption, ensuring your patio maintains its fresh appearance for an extended period. We strongly advocate for porcelain as an excellent alternative to commonly used paving materials.


  • Boasts an exceptional slip resistance rating, enhancing safety.
  • Requires minimal maintenance; cleaning is as effortless as using soap and water, similar to cleaning your kitchen floor.
  • Shows remarkable resistance to algae and moss, guaranteeing a durable finish.
  • Exceptionally durable, with minimal water absorption.
  • Thanks to its consistent color throughout, Marshalls Symphony Planks Corrado resists scratches and color fading.
  • 1 tub of Symphony Jointing Compound in Grey • 1 tub of Marshalls Paving Primer

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