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Marshalls Casarta Slate Silver Grey

Marshalls Casarta Slate Silver Grey

Our Marshalls Casarta Slate Silver Grey, available in a generously larger format, represents premium slate paving sourced from Brazil, intended to infuse your patio area with a luxurious and contemporary atmosphere. This slate, renowned for its natural clean splitting characteristics, showcases a subtle riven surface texture delicately brushed to accentuate its color and enrich its tactile qualities.

With two stunning colors, three spacious size options, and the convenience of a project pack, you have the flexibility to lay it in either a random or regular pattern, achieving an ultra-modern appearance for your patio. For a seamless jointing solution, Marshalls Casarta Slate Silver Grey effortlessly pairs with Marshalls Weatherpoint® 365, an all-weather jointing compound suitable even for application in wet weather conditions.

Key Features: The larger slate format expedites installation, making it quicker and more efficient. Its premium quality, durability, and robust nature ensure a prolonged fresh appearance for your paving. The subtle riven surface texture offers anti-slip properties, enhancing safety. Each piece is hand-selected to maintain consistent color throughout your project. Machine-cut edges facilitate achieving uniform joint width and a contemporary aesthetic.

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