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Marshalls Stoneface Sawn Veneer Walling Caramel Cream

Marshalls Stoneface Sawn Veneer Walling Caramel Cream

Introducing the exquisite Marshalls Stoneface Sawn Veneer Walling Caramel Cream, designed to clad existing or new flat walls with the refined aesthetic of sawn stone walling using the simple Stoneface installation method. Achieve a premium look akin to Fairstone Sawn Walling at a reduced cost. These precision-cut veneers feature a delicate micro-chamfer for contemporary elegance and easy installation. Crafted from Indian Sandstone, they undergo a gentle honing process to accentuate natural patterns. Each piece is hand-selected for consistent color, enhancing overall appeal. The package includes Sika Primer 3 and Sikaflex EBT Adhesive for hassle-free installation.


- Marshalls Stoneface Sawn Veneer Walling Caramel Cream offers exceptional durability, resisting chipping and breakage for long-lasting performance.

- The smooth finish adds contemporary elegance to your space.

- Designed for effortless installation, these veneer stones ensure professional results in less time.

- Available in four multi-colour blends and project packs, providing versatile design possibilities.

- Achieve a high-end appearance similar to Fairstone Sawn Walling while reducing overall costs.

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